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"Nature Club was the highlight of my daughter's week.  It was an amazing combination of education and fun outside the regular classroom environment.  She created unique works of art, lovingly played with bugs and experienced mud in entirely new ways all the while learning about her environment.  I believe this opportunity gave her a good foundation for understanding and respecting nature."  

~Anna Richey

Parent and Teacher at FPS

"My girls had such a positive experience with Nature Club.  Ann Marie's teaching approach allows for children's curiosity to take the lead in their learning.  They used to be scared of insects and now they dig for worms and identify many creepy crawlies they find under logs!  They made solar ovens from pizza boxes that worked, had fairy picnics, harvested garden vegetables, etc.  They had so much fun, they didn't realize how much knowledge they were absorbing."

~Leo & Susan Campbell


My daughter loves being outdoors and loves learning details about her natural world.  Nature Club gave her the opportunity and time to learn and appreciate more.  She loved sharing her new-found knowledge with her older brothers.

~Anne Sidney  

Parent & Wolftrap Teaching Artist